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BUILDING HOSPITALS: Strengthen primary healthcare services

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Sementara menunggu AHP Pie berkesempatan untuk menulis di blog ini, Ummie share satu artikel yang sangat tepat yang ditulis oleh Dr. Iskandar Firzada bin Osman, his best doctor tentang isu keperluan perkhidmatan penjagaan kesihatan di negara kita yang disiarkan di akhbar New Straits Times pada 20 Disember 2013. Ummie tak pandai nak translate. Sila guna Google Translate jika perlu ya. TQ.

Klinik Kesihatan Jaya Gading, Kuantan, Pahang


20 December 2013

BUILDING HOSPITALS: Strengthen primary healthcare services

By Dr Iskandar Firzada Osman, Kuantan, Pahang 

I REFER to the letter by Thomas Zacharia George, "Town needs a new, better one" (NST, Dec 18). 

Building or setting up more hospitals is not the only solution to the woe, since if people have to be admitted, they are already sick. The focus of hospital treatment is on secondary and tertiary prevention, meaning curative or control and rehabilitative or palliative activities.

To become a developed nation, we need healthy and productive people. Primary healthcare, led by family medicine specialists, focuses on primary prevention (that is, health promotion and disease prevention activities), yet provides early secondary and tertiary preventive activities (similar to hospital-based care in principle) to prevent permanent disability. 

Primary healthcare services incorporate the whole spectrum of "prevention" in medical care. Primary, secondary and tertiary preventive activities should be in the community itself and accessible to all, with focus on the person with health-related issues, be it physical, mental and/or social (that is, patient-centred), rather than disease-centred (hospital-based).

As the patient's health advocator and health coordinator, the patient will be empowered by the primary care physicians with appropriate health-seeking behaviour to stay healthy and avoid being sick.

The hospital's secondary and tertiary care complement what has been done in primary care. This strengthens the primary healthcare services in a more rational, cost-beneficial and cost-effective approach towards achieving a healthy nation for a developed nation.

By strengthening the primary healthcare services, many people will stay healthy and even if they are down with any disease, they will stay stable and healthy throughout their life.

Hopefully, this will entice more young doctors to take up family medicine as a specialty in their career, despite the fact that hospital-based specialists are given more perks in terms of promotions, compared with specialists in primary care and public health.

Join this noble profession for its noble cause, not for the perks.


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